The progress of EU-funded MNBS-projects and cluster is addressed, discussed and analyzed during the annual MNBS concertation meetings. These meetings are co-organized by EC and a selected stake-holder in the field at a different European city every year with the goal to disseminate in the most effective way the relevant information and to engage all key-players in fruitful discussions, networking activities and brain-storming sessions. In particular, in these meetings, the progress of the MNBS cluster against the set goals for each period are evaluated especially under the light of Ā technological advancements and commercialization potential. , A detailed report by an external independent rapporteur is prepared and released to the publicsoon thereafter. Please, refer to the respective areas of the website about the program and past reports, which have been archived for your convenience.

Furthermore, MNBS targets at disseminating world-wide the research, innovation effort and progress in the area of Micro-Nano-Bio-Systems and organizes presentation and discussion forums in various national and international conferences and exhibitions. Have a look in the resepctive area of the web-site at some recent representative conference presentations and find about the forthcoming MNBS activities!

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