The group focuses on the development and integration of all key micro-nano-bio ICT components (e.g. smart miniaturised interconnected sensors & systems, data processing & transmission) into multifunctional clinical and healthcare platforms able to provide innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions at the point of need. Several applications are been targeted so far, such as non-invasive long term monitoring, drug delivery planning and monitoring, minimally-invasive surgery, early diagnosis & non-invasive health screening.

Some of the major achievements so far include:

  • - Development and validation of a novel platform for scarless, high–precision robotic surgery
  • - Demonstration of the practical possibility for steering nanocapsules in the human body (for drug delivery) based on MRI techniques.
  • - Development and ongoing integration of highly advanced body sensors for wearable wound monitoring and therapy


Other projects in the group are currently working on the development of smart phone platforms for disease detection from exhaled breath or on the integration of micro electronic, mechanical, fluidic biomechanical and moisture sensors helping the design and manufacturing of prosthetic sockets for lower limb amputees.

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