Research focuses on building blocks (e.g. biosamples' preparation, microfluidics, sensing, detection, surface functionalisation, biomarkers and signal processing) and system integration and testing in several biomedical and healthcare applications such as cancer diagnosis and disease recurrence, diabetes monitoring and deep vein thrombosis early detection. Most common objectives of the projects are linked to the improvement of sensitivity, of multi-analyte capabilities and rapidity of the biosensing process as well as to the development of fully integrated/miniaturised endsystem/prototype.

Some of the major achievements of label free LoC (Lab on a Chip) are:

  • - Portable and label-free analysis of proteins and DNA mutations with high sensitivity and dynamic range with PCR integration
  • - Multiple mutations analyzed in a label-free manner
  • - Increasing sensitivity without compromising dynamic range.

Major achievements on LoC for cell and bacteria analysis are:

  • - Use of flexible printed circuit board technology
  • - Application in immunology (cell therapy) and drug screening (identification of resistant tumour cells)
  • - Integration of complex microfluidics control system and of imaging system
  • - Single analysis or continuous monitoring.

Other LoCs projects achieved promising results in:

  • - interfacing with patients, doctors and hospitals
  • - demonstrating the proof of principle on sweat analysis for detecting diabetic hypo- or hyper-glycaemia episodes
  • - sample preparation for PCR from whole blood and novel cartridges which include a hybridization chamber.


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