The group focuses on the research & development of generic technology modules and integration into easy-to-use, cost-effective platforms and systems for various applications (e.g. analysis of ‘real-world’ samples from the food, drink, environment and healthcare sectors) as well as multilayer–based production systems for a new generation of MNBS. Generic technology modules include characterisation of functional materials, surface functionalization and coating, microfabrication tools for rapid prototyping of polymer LOCs, multi-sensing & microfluidic chips, micro-robots and micro-needles.

Some of the major achievements so far include:

- Chipscale capillary electrophoresis/liquid chromatography mass spectrometer.

- Portable diagnostic platform associated with low cost disposable cards and a Skin Patch for drug testing.

- Validation of the selection and characterisation of functional materials, surface functionalization and coating; demonstration of a multilayer concept compatible with R2R manufacture for Lab-on-Chip systems for continuous flow PCR, fluorescence evanescent waveguide detection, and a digital immunodiagnostic chip.

- Development of printed batteries, integrated circuitry and sensor devices enabling cheap to fabricate sensor label for fast screening of cholesterol level using a printed organic electronic based technology.

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