The group is leading research and development on innovative smart, rapid-testing and compact MNBS systems & platforms meeting the needs of agro food, environment and security sectors. Multidisciplinary R&D includes biosamples' preparation, microfluidics, surface functionalisation, biological processes on a chip, molecular detection, signal processing and integration into a functional prototype for testing in application environment. Although the projects of this group started recently (2-3 years ago), they already have achieved progress beyond state of the art in the development of solutions at the point of need for food production and safety monitoring, environmental and water control, e.g.:

  • o Lab-on-chip platform based on acoustic detection, PCR and measurement of the DNA strains' length, to identify salmonella bacteria in milk,
  • o Fully integrated optoelectronic IC that will be packaged in a single-shot disposable cartridge using a smart phone reader, for label free identification of pesticides, mycotoxins and allergens,
  • o Label free detection bio-analytical system for toxins in milk and dairy products based on photonics sensors.
  • o Photonic system with a bio-fluidics chip for mobile analysis in the food production and control in the sectors of nuts and dried fruits, milk, olives and olive oil. A separate handheld unit has been developed for sample preparation.

A coordination and support action has also been funded to prepare the implementation of microsystems & smart miniaturised systems in the food sector by improving cooperation between suppliers and users of microsystems for food/beverage quality and safety.

Other, more recent project, is currently working on the development of an innovative multifunctional MEMS and nano‐enabled microfluidic sensor node for adaptive and cognitive drink & waste water quality monitoring.

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