In vivo interaction between micro-nano systems and the human body (e.g. body sensors, implantable systems, endoscopic probes) target several applications such as non-invasive long term monitoring, drug delivery, vital functions' repairing, targeted therapy, early diagnosis & well being support.
MNBS projects in this area focus on research, development and validation of high performance components & modules (e.g. micro/nano electrodes, sensors & actuators, power supply and wireless telecommunication) and on integrated multifunctional miniaturised systems and devices. All projects are tested and validated in, at least, one biomedical / healthcare application.

Some of the major achievements of in-vivo MNBS, so far include:

  • -  highly integrated and miniaturised implants for improving hearing function and restoring motor function for people with severe spinal cord injury,
  • - smart materials like hydrogels, to repair damaged heart vessels
  • - multi-channel micro-stimulations system to treat phantom limb pain, and
  • - ultrasound based technique for wireless communication with implanted devices e.g. for monitoring of cardiac congestive heart failure.
  • while other project in the group is currently working on body worn sensing devices for phototherapy


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